About Me

Hi.  My name is Nichole Carrabbia and I’m the self-proclaimed COO of the Crabb Shack.  I’m married to the CEO, James.   Together we are raising & home-educating 4 amazing Crabblings.  Our adventure story (with a little help from the Air Force) has led us to 10 addresses in 15 years, but we’ve managed to make great friends & memories along the way.   This is the good stuff that makes up my life and my writing.

I’m a domestic goddess. Not a diva. Teacher of school and life lessons. Master chef. Unpaid chauffeur. Mender of (non-bloody) boo-boos. Imperfect. Flawed. Ordinary. In love with my Savior, the man I married, and the life I live…in that order.

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