Day 21: “Kaster”

I have an incredibly special friend.  I met her almost 20 years ago while working at a summer camp.  Her name is Kathleen, but she’s notorious as “Kaster-woman” or “Kaster,” for short.  It wasn’t hard for us to get to know each other because she asked me exactly one million questions.  Sometimes they were trivial … More Day 21: “Kaster”

Day 4: Sophie.

I spent all day today being thankful for one very special blessing: my daughter, Sophie.  Today was her 8th birthday and we spent the day playing hooky from church and AWANA.  With bellies full of birthday breakfast, we loaded the car & headed to the beach to meet friends.  We swam in the ocean, buried kids … More Day 4: Sophie.

My Thoughts About 13

I woke up this morning feeling conflicted.  Since the sun is shining, my kids are outside playing, and the house is relatively quiet I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to attempt a therapeutic blog post. Today is no ordinary day in the Crabb Shack.  It’s kind of monumental, actually.  It’s our oldest son’s … More My Thoughts About 13

For My Mom

No single person that i have ever met loves their birthday more than my mom.  She counts down days (& sometimes months) until her special day arrives.  She’s giddy when my kids call to sing her “Happy Birthday.”  She loves getting presents and cards and candles on cakes and if you throw her a party … More For My Mom