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Hello and welcome to my little corner of the web where I am writing my story for all the world to read.  It’s called My Anchored Life and my name is Nichole Carrabbia.  My husband and I have 4 kids.  Somewhere along our journey, I affectionately nicknamed our family “The Crabbs,” and the name stuck.  You can read more about me and my crew here.

My story is anchored in family, faith, laughter, pain, failure, redemption, and restoration.  I write about ordinary moments, everyday trials, and seek answers to the big (and sometimes ridiculously small) questions that plague my brain.  On this blog you won’t find the musings of a theologian.  I didn’t graduate from Bible College and I don’t have any fancy seminary degree.  I simply learn by walking and living: one foot in front of the other, making mistakes & attempting to fix them; one blessed day at a time.

My life is a constant pursuit of a God whose grace and mercy I don’t deserve or fully comprehend. So I just try to make some sense of Him here. I want my words to make Him famous, to encourage other questioners and wanderers like myself, and to {hopefully} connect with and add a few friends to my tribe along the way. If you like what you read, you can subscribe to My Anchored Life and receive all new posts via email or click here and follow me on Facebook.

Here are a few of my most popular posts.  Feel free to look around and find one that you identify with.  When you do, please share your thoughts in the comments section or feel free to email me at myanchoredlife@gmail.com.  I can’t wait to hear from you!


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