Day 31: My Two Husbands.

Well, day 31 is finally here….Hallelujah!  I feel the need to end this challenge by sharing with my readers a little about a couple of guys that I’m most grateful for.  I like to refer to them as My Two Husbands: James and Jesus. My blog wouldn’t even exist if it weren’t for my husband, James. … More Day 31: My Two Husbands.

Day 28: Imagination

She curled up next to me and whispered, “Good Morning.”  Her two silky bears were clutched tightly to her chest and she rubbed the soft fabric on her lips the way she does every morning.  I stroked her hair gently and we snuggled in silence because she’s a lot like me and doesn’t have a … More Day 28: Imagination

Day 25: Soul Food

It was one of “those” weeks in the Crabb Shack.  The kind of week where you start off Monday morning with every activity written neatly in color-coded pen in your planner…and by Friday the pages are covered in scribbles and wite-out and things left undone.  All the “unexpecteds” hit like a ton of bricks and … More Day 25: Soul Food

Day 21: “Kaster”

I have an incredibly special friend.  I met her almost 20 years ago while working at a summer camp.  Her name is Kathleen, but she’s notorious as “Kaster-woman” or “Kaster,” for short.  It wasn’t hard for us to get to know each other because she asked me exactly one million questions.  Sometimes they were trivial … More Day 21: “Kaster”