Perhaps you saw me that day?  I was the lady with my head down–staring at my phone–trying not to be recognized as “their mom.”  Yeah.  Those were my kids in the bathroom.  They were the ones belting out the song from Moana because apparently the acoustics provided by Costco’s facilities are exactly perfect for a … More Sing.

Doing Our Best

Yesterday, just as the sun was coming up, a wide-eyed, curious little boy showed up at my bedside with an armful of books about pirates. He was wearing Big Bird pajamas and had a pirate hat on. His Peter Pan dagger was skillfully tucked under his armpit. As I rubbed my eyes and slowly opened … More Doing Our Best

Difference Maker

He burst through the front door, slightly out of breath and grinning from ear to ear.   He had run all the way home and couldn’t get the words out fast enough:  “Mommy!  Mommy! Guess what?!  You’re not gonna BELIEVE this.  You know my friend AJ?  The one I was climbing the tree with? Well, … More Difference Maker

Day 25: Soul Food

It was one of “those” weeks in the Crabb Shack.  The kind of week where you start off Monday morning with every activity written neatly in color-coded pen in your planner…and by Friday the pages are covered in scribbles and wite-out and things left undone.  All the “unexpecteds” hit like a ton of bricks and … More Day 25: Soul Food

Day 7: Math

Jimmy and I spent 3 1/2 hours on ONE Math lesson today.  One.  Lesson.  What makes it worse is that it was the same lesson he watched the lecture, did the practice problems, & took the lesson quiz twice yesterday & STILL didn’t understand.  Last night I told him not to sweat it; that he & … More Day 7: Math

Day 4: Sophie.

I spent all day today being thankful for one very special blessing: my daughter, Sophie.  Today was her 8th birthday and we spent the day playing hooky from church and AWANA.  With bellies full of birthday breakfast, we loaded the car & headed to the beach to meet friends.  We swam in the ocean, buried kids … More Day 4: Sophie.


All day i’ve been thinking of what i would write about this evening.  I had several thoughts swirling around in my brain and then something happened tonight that trumped any idea my brain could’ve  conceived.  And i owe it all to an upcoming piano recital & the sweetest 7-year old girl i’ve ever known. This … More Give.