Perhaps you saw me that day?  I was the lady with my head down–staring at my phone–trying not to be recognized as “their mom.”  Yeah.  Those were my kids in the bathroom.  They were the ones belting out the song from Moana because apparently the acoustics provided by Costco’s facilities are exactly perfect for a full-fledged concert for the masses–despite the mild interruptions of flushes and hand dryers. Who knew?

Confession:  I was purposely hiding because I didn’t want anyone to know that those were my kids in there.  All the books failed to tell me how I was supposed to handle the parental embarrassment of a rather boisterous, public powder room performance.

bathroom-424730_960_720It’s been several weeks since their restroom debut and it turns out the joke was on me after all.  Not because they sang their little hearts out; but because they had the courage to sing in the first place.  Since that day my girls have belted out those lyrics in the privacy of our home, in the backyard, and in just about every other public place I’ve taken them.  And the funny thing is: The only one who was ever embarrassed was me.  All the stares and looks and whispers don’t phase them one little bit.  They don’t care who’s listening or watching.  They don’t care what anyone thinks about their tone or their pitch or how perfectly they hit the notes.  All they care about is sharing their song with the world.

mic-1132528__340Maybe my girls are onto something.  Maybe the point isn’t what we sing or how we sing, but that we muster up the courage, open our mouths, and just share our song with the world around us.  Maybe our song isn’t perfect.  Maybe our singing voices are a little bit…awful.  But maybe we have a song to share with the world anyway.

{And what if each of our songs made just one someone smile…..?}

Maybe the world is a better place when each of us are brave enough to just sing.







*This post is part of an online community. A prompt is given every Friday and we are encouraged to just free-write for 5 minutes and post it to our blogs without over-thinking or editing. If you’d like to participate, you can get more info and link-up on this site. This week’s writing prompt was, “Sing.”

7 thoughts on “Sing.

  1. I love how children just go for it and don’t care what anyone else thinks. I can be much too self-conscious so I think there’s a lot we can learn from the way they are free to express themselves. We all have a song to share and I agree, it would make the world a better place if we were brave enough to let it out and to cheer one another on as we do. Really enjoyed your post today! Visiting from FMF #13.

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  2. This is so true about kids – they really don’t care about what other people think when it comes to singing at the top of their voices. I have 3 of my own and often experience those embarrassing moments in the public places. We really do need to take a leaf out of their book sometimes. Thanks for the reminder. Your FMF neighbour

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    1. Ah, yes. Humility. Something I can use a lot more of at times. Glad He chooses to use my kids to teach me….seems to hurt a little less from them! Thanks for reading today!


  3. Love it! I long for those days of not caring so much about what others think of us, but instead just embracing who we are. I’m glad your kids are able to find that and teach that. Thanks for sharing! May you sing this week!


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