words, words, words

            I have a friend.  Her name is Sarah.  She’s a really good writer & she sent me a text yesterday about this blog challenge.  She’s just finishing one she did for October and she encouraged me to join the Cool Kid Club and do this one for November.  So, there you have it.  That’s why I’m doing this.  Because Sarah said I should.  And my husband.  And my mom.  And countless other friends and family members who’ve been telling me for years that I should write more.  Apparently I’m not a fast learner or a good listener.
            Truth be told, I’m not even sure I’m that good of a writer.  There.  I said it.  I’m pretty much….average.  But here’s the deal: I love words.  I am obsessed with language.  In my humbly average opinion, words are one of the greatest gifts God ever blessed us with.  With a simple word, we have the power to make a person feel better & more special & more loved than they’ve ever felt before.  And with a simple word we can tear a person’s soul to shreds.  Words are incredibly wonderful, magical, powerful things.  For better or for worse. 
            So, that’s why I’m doing this.  For the next 30 days I’m gonna write words every day.  I don’t know yet what they’re gonna be about.  Hopefully there will be more happy words than sad ones; more encouraging ones than discouraging.  If my loyal readers (all 3 of them) are really lucky I’ll crack a joke or two & one of them might even be funny.  Mostly I just plan to write about my life, my family, my faith, big things, little things, important things, trivial things…But when it’s all said and done and my 30 days are up, I just hope I’ve written a word or two that spoke love, encouragement, & hope to the heart and soul someone who read it.   Because even an average writer like me is surely capable of that.  

One thought on “words, words, words

  1. Psh. Average. Whatevs. You're a great writer! And the more you do it, the better you'll get. Thanks for doing what I told you to do! Can't wait to read the res of your words! 😉


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