Doubt Defeated: Five Minute Friday

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This little bugger slips into my day when i least expect it.  He wreaks havoc on my peace, steals my joy, and turns my contentment upside-down.  He props my trust on an altar, sets it on fire, & watches it burn….sending it toward my Savior in billowing clouds of black smoke…a pathetic offering to a King who deserves much better.  His faithful companions are worry & fear.  And they are a trio straight from the pit of hell.

He was born from the belly of the Father of Lies.  That makes him only one thing: a LIAR.

So with authority I tell him to get lost, take a hike, go back where he came from.  And I begin collecting the pieces of my shattered Faith to build a new altar.  But I don’t have quite enough.  So I ask my Best Friend to borrow some extra Grace.  He smiles and piles it high…we set it on fire and watch it burn.  Through the smoke I clearly see a new and better sacrifice.

My Redeemer always fixes what I’ve broken.  He extends his olive branch: Mercy.  I reach out & grab hold…cling tightly to it.  (I never want to let it go).  He Restores my peace, joy, and contentment.  I’m His heiress….and this is the Inheritance He’s promised me.  His companions are Faithfulness and Truth.  And He is only ever one thing: LOVE.  null


3 thoughts on “Doubt Defeated: Five Minute Friday

  1. Hi, neighbor. Your post is full of hope. I love the way you personified doubt and his two buddies worry and fear – the trinity from hell. But you don’t stop there. I’m so grateful we have a Redeemer who fixes our broken lives. Great post, Nichole.


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