My Husband Made Me Do It…

Ok…so…here’s my disclaimer.  This was all my husband’s idea.  We’re driving in the swagger wagon (aka the minivan i have affectionately dubbed, ‘Otis’) and he starts a conversation about how i should really start writing.  In an attempt to hide my eyeroll and sigh of exasperation, i indulge him by actually letting him continue.  He’s bugged me for years about writing a children’s book, writing a teenager book, writing any book i feel inspired to write…and i always have the same response: “I don’t really think i have anything to say that people would find all that interesting.”  But this time he came fully-loaded to the conversation.  Both guns blazing.  He pointed out a few facebook statuses that i wrote that got more that 5 ‘likes’ and that people seem to respond when i have something to say.  & this time he tugged at my heartstrings by suggesting the ever-elusive (yet something i’ve secretly wanted to try for years) blog.  He had even come up with a catchy title for my blog.  Pretty cool, isn’t it?! 

The bottom line is this, folks.  I’m not really sure what i’m doing in the world of super trendy, cool-looking, & mind-blowing blogs.  I don’t have a million recipes for homemade everything to share.  I don’t have any 5 minute fat busting workout routines to offer.  I’m no fashionista with tips and trends.  God knows i don’t have any sage parenting wisdom to offer because mostly i just try to survive every day.  I’m well aware that my mom, my husband, my best friend, and maybe 1 out of my 4 sisters will be my ONLY faithful readers and certainly my biggest cheerleaders.  What i’m trying to say is that i’m just a housewife.  Plain & simple.  Once upon a time i was a school teacher who loved languages and reading books and journaling.  I was borderline obsessed with exercise.  Now i’m mostly just a mom.  i homeschool our 4 kids…not because i’m weirded out by public schools or as some silent protest against indoctrination or to take a silent stand for religious freedom.  i do so because i can.  because it’s fun.  because i love teaching and i love watching them learn.  i workout every once in a while (although i’d love to lie and say i do it everyday).  And the only book i read regularly is my Bible.  So i guess this blog will just be a way to feed that part of me that has decided to trade private journaling in for a really public way to share the hilarious, frustrating, overwhelming, joy-filled, ordinary things that happen in my daily life.  Once i figure out how, i’m sure i’ll add pictures and change up the font every once in a while.  And maybe, just maybe, i’ll say something along the way to make you smile, or giggle, or actually ‘lol’.  If i’m really lucky, God will drop a word in my heart & i’ll be obedient enough to use it to inspire you…make you feel not-so-alone on this crazy journey called “life”.  I guess i’m just gonna hang on and see where this thing takes me.  I hope you enjoy the read….i mean, ride…   

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