What Song Does Your Life Sing?

**Before I begin I have to say, I’m working on a new “name, ” “title”, or whatever it’s called in the blogosphere, for my blog.  Mostly because this super cool title has been used.  Like a million times.  Apparently about 100 other people thought this was a cute, catchy idea for a name too…& way before we did. Who knew, right?  & Far be it from me to step on anyone’s toes or infringe on their copyright which truthfully sounds way too scary for me.   So, as soon as i figure out better name or how to actually go about editing the one I have (whichever may come first) I’ll let y’all–ahem,  all 3 of my readers–know.  Now, onto the good stuff…

If my life story were a song, it could surely fall into one of 3 musical genres:
1)  A sad country song about my momma, my daddy, my first grade teacher, the family dog, & all of life’s disappointments
2)  A loud, angry, screaming, ranting, kiss-off heavy metal masterpiece that would point out all the ways other people have failed me & let me down & send a clear message about how that made me feel
3) An insanely awesome, heart-bursting, make ya wanna jump up, dance, clap, shout & scream Praise & Worship song that would acknowledge My Redeemer’s love, mercy, grace, & faithfulness in my life & how that trumps all the CRAP this world has & will throw at me. 
I choose #3.  Every day.  Every time.  Life isn’t perfect.  It isn’t fair.  People suffer.  I suffer.  But when I look back at my life–at all He has done & all He’s doing now–all I can say is “Wow!”  The bad stuff is so much more bearable when you don’t have to bear it alone.  I’m glad I realized that long ago & even more glad I chose to give it to Him rather than expecting any human being to fix it or make it better or less painful.  He doesn’t always work it out the way I hope or expect.  & Sometimes He doesn’t work it out at all.  Sometimes i just have to stand there while life beats me up & leaves me bruised.  But He sure does have a way of comforting me in the midst of all that nonsense.  And, oddly enough, that comfort remains when it’s all said & done.  The bruises may still ache.  My heart may still ache.  But because i know He’s there, it aches a little less.  Over and over and over and over and over and over and over again He’s proven that He’s faithful.  Faithful in the ways I least expect.  Faithful in giving me the things I didn’t even know my heart desired.  That, my friends, is love.  The Word says that, “Love covers a multitude of sins.” I also believe that Love trumps a dozen heartaches, disappointments, sufferings, & failures.  I hope you all know that kind of love.  

So, what kind of song does your life sing? 

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