All day i’ve been thinking of what i would write about this evening.  I had several thoughts swirling around in my brain and then something happened tonight that trumped any idea my brain could’ve  conceived.  And i owe it all to an upcoming piano recital & the sweetest 7-year old girl i’ve ever known.

This wonderful moment happened several hours ago, as i was tucking our sweet girls in bed.
Pjs were on, teeth were brushed & flossed, hair was braided, prayers were prayed, and i had given the final hugs & kisses as i was turning to walk toward the door.  Our sweet 7-year old, Sophie, said in a very soft voice, “I hope i get an award tomorrow night.”

Tomorrow night is no ordinary Saturday night for this Crabby Crew.  Tomorrow night is the Christmas piano recital that 3 of our 4 children have been practicing pieces for since late September.  It may not seem like much to an adult, but to these kids it’s an evening they’ve been waiting for & a performance that daddy made it home from a 3-week TDY just in time to witness.  The outfits & dresses have been chosen, nails polished, hairstyles planned, & in the case of our 8-year old, Nate, his Chuck Taylors & fedora are ready for action.  This is a big deal to these little people.

To say that Nate is a “natural” on piano would be a gross understatement.  I could brag & tell you how he taught himself the first few lines of Fur Elise by ear within the first few months of playing piano before he could even read notes, but i’ll spare you all the details.  At last year’s recital, Nate received an award and he has cherished this award for the past year.  Sophie was disappointed that she wasn’t chosen for an award, but she smiled and hugged her brother and told him how proud of him she was.  But since that day, she has practiced with passion.  She is a girl on a mission…and she whispered that to me this evening.  Of course, i paused & gave her “the mom-speech” about how she doesn’t need an award to make us proud, etc, etc, etc…But her response to my speech is what brought tears to my eyes & made my heart swell with joy, love, & unbelievable pride.

While i was talking, Sophie realized that Jimmy has been playing guitar for 3 years but his teacher doesn’t do recitals.  This means that he’s never played in front of an audience & he’s never had the opportunity to receive an award.  In her sweet, scratchy voice Sophie told me that she knew that she was going to ask Santa Claus for.  “I’m going to ask him for a guitar award.  And when i unwrap it, i’m going to give it to Jimmy.  As a present from me to him!”  Let’s just say I didn’t have a “mom-speech” prepared for that one.

But that’s our Sophie.  She’s truly a unique child.  She has this gift of generosity.  She’s a sweet spirit who yells from the back seat of the van every time she sees a homeless person, begging me to stop and give them a blessing bag.  She will share anything with anyone…including the gift she plans on asking Santa for this year.

That generous child.  That sweet, giving spirit.  Tonight she taught her mother a thing or two about how to put others first….even when your heart is aching for its own desires.  I know she’s just being who God created her to be…but i pray she never allows the world to change her.  Because she may never be rich in the eyes of the world, but that little princess is storing up her treasures in heaven.

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