Stop it. Do Something Better.

 I don’t have a lot of words tonight.  My heart is sick & my stomach is in knots.  Seeing our Country at such a low is unbearable.  I can’t check the news any longer.  I cannot make sense of such utter nonsense.

This is what we need people.  Black men & women.  White men & women.  ALL men & women to call for peace & unity.  We need to speak to each other like respectable, reasonable human beings instead of seeking change by means of violence & hatred.  We must love one another & our Nation enough to move forward and make true, lasting change.

Life is precious.  Not ONE MORE man, woman, or child should die because of stupid, senseless violence. Shame on those of us who are saying this is justifiable.  Shame on those of us who sit around & complain on twitter & facebook & social media.  Shame on those of us who add fuel to this horrible fire.  We should demand better of each other.  We MUST be the change we want to see.

Instead of reading all these ignorant comments on social media, we should all look around tomorrow & find ONE WAY to make our communities better.  Give a homeless person a meal.  Bake cookies and take them to a fire station.  Buy a vet a cup of coffee.  Check on an elderly neighbor.  Pray for peace.  Find SOMEONE, ANYONE in need & DO SOMETHING TO HELP.  Be part of a solution, instead of sitting around complaining about the problems.

Comment here.  Let me know what you did.  Inspire each other.  Be a good citizen.  Be a good American.   Be a decent human being.  Love your neighbor.

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